"Having Ariana as an outside source postpartum has been amazing. Having someone who is clear-headed (ie. not sleep deprived), empathetic, and knowledgeable has been essential during this INSANE process of learning how to be a family. We are able to slow down our thoughts, assess the situation, and make a decision together. Ariana coached us through logistical steps to help us find our flow. Ariana hears me. She hears me and she sees me. Those interactions are somehow quietly stripped from you when you become a mother; everyone's ears are suddenly drawn down to the baby. Ariana looks me in my eyes and listens. I had no idea how much I needed that. Would I recommend this to others? Yes, yes, a thousand times, yes. I remember the panic in my gut when our midwives sent us home for the first time with our new baby girl. Didn't they know we had no idea what to do with a baby?? There were SO MANY FEELINGS to navigate. I am so glad I had Ariana to help guide me through new motherhood."
-Cara, Somerville, MA

"Ariana's expertise in pediatric medicine and experience as a mother gives her a unique perspective on post-partum care that most people do not have. She has professional knowledge of the recovery process and newborn care, but also has the emotional understanding of the effects it can have on a mother. She really helped to navigate some bumpy roads. Ariana is always understanding of questions or concerns, large or small. They are all important to her! I have gained the confidence that I know what is right for my family and my child."
-Sara, Boston, MA

"As a new parent, it's very easy to get stuck in your own head and go down a rabbit hole, as you worry so much about your child. I had hesitations that virtual support would be sufficient to address concerns, but I ended up feeling very much at ease. Every parent can benefit from an on-call lifeline! Ariana has an incredibly calming demeanor. I have gained a sense of calm and have less anxiety. Reduced anxiety in our household equates to a happier family. I would recommend Ariana in a heartbeat to colleagues, friends and family."
-Karen, Seattle, WA

"Ariana provides such a steady, warm voice for any concerns about our baby. She is always there to lend support and make us feel like we are competent parents who are doing a great job. She gives you the facts, but does so in a way that provides guidance and empathy rather than judgment or pressure. Ariana is always available to answer my questions via text, no matter what time of day."
-Sharon, Somerville, MA

"I always feel in good hands with Ariana. She gives thoughtful, evidence-based advice that has really been tailored to my daughter and my family. She has saved me many an unnecessary trip into the doctor and ER. She takes our concerns seriously, and yet is not an alarmist. She is calm, kind, and smart. I am grateful to have had her on our team."
-Jen, San Diego, CA

"We are far less anxious about what may come up with our children as we now have Ariana to reach out to when we need support and answers. She is so reassuring and such a calming presence. Ariana is as warm as she is capable. She truly puts us at ease. I would definitely recommend this program. It was so comforting to know she was there for us. It was so convenient especially when it can be so hard to schedule your life and appointments with children."
-Shana, Seattle, WA

"Working with Ariana brought me peace as an anxious first-time mother. I worry often by nature, but Ariana was able to calm some of my more unnecessary fears. She also helped my husband and I resolve conflict when we had different opinions about parenting. When this happened, we were able to quickly text (or, when we were particularly hysterical, call) Ariana with a situation and she would respond with her perspective, which we have both always valued. While my son's pediatrician offered us textbook best practices, Ariana was able to offer real advice (in real time) as a pediatrician and as a mother, who had, in the not too distant past, been a sleep deprived new parent herself. 
Our son, like many other babies, would often not cooperate with our seemingly well laid plans. We found Ariana to be empathetic and validating to these frustrations, and she was always able to help us redirect in a way that considered our son's unique challenges. For example, my son was one of those babies who would just not sleep in the same room as me. My son's pediatrician had never heard of this happening, though Ariana was well familiar with this newborn behavior! Ariana, while acknowledging best practices for reducing the risk of SIDS, helped us come up with a solution with which we all felt comfortable. I wholeheartedly recommend Ariana and her program to any new parent. In those first few months after my son was born, I found that new motherhood brought me as much anxiety as it did happiness. Working with Ariana helped ease this anxiety, which left more room for the joy. I am so grateful to Ariana for helping me to make my transition to motherhood a joyful one." 
-Meg, Medford, MA

"Ariana was beyond helpful in streamlining my transition to new motherhood. She eased so many of my anxieties by providing information and expertise, as well as by being compassionate and supportive along the way. She is a wealth of knowledge about babies, parenting, and the post-partum period - she gave extremely thorough answers to all of my questions, from breastfeeding to tummy time to sleep training. Her answers were always very practical and realistic, sensitive to how decisions affect the entire family. With Ariana's help we were able to make tons of transitions with much more ease than we would have otherwise: to solids, weaning, going back to work post-maternity leave, and many others. It was so wonderful having her as a resource for the millions of questions, big and small, that came up, and I loved having a single go-to professional rather than bouncing around for answers between the pediatrician's office, the lactation consultant, etc. I also really felt like she got to know my baby and family structure much better than our other doctors and support people. Because of this, she was able to provide follow-up and better tailor advice to our baby's particular development trajectory and our lifestyle. I also always just felt so at ease working with Ariana and really enjoyed the openness of our talks and the positive, supportive, and compassionate energy she exuded! She really cares about the mamas and babies she works with and is truly dedicated to helping make the transition to new motherhood as smooth as possible.

I really appreciated that Ariana was available and responsive for any question that came up, any time, and that she always followed up to see how things were progressing after we talked. For example, when I started to panic that my baby was no longer napping well, I reached out to Ariana and she was able to give advice right in that moment, and then she followed up very shortly after to check in and see how the strategies we talked about were working. This type of problem isn't something that I would have felt comfortable calling the pediatrician's office about, and I would have dreaded reading through the millions of articles and books out there about sleep. I also appreciated getting advice from someone who was really an expert and had studied and trained on the topic, rather than crowd sourcing on Facebook groups or other platforms where people are really just reporting on their own individual experiences. It was so great to have an immediately available, highly experienced and knowledgeable person to go to, and to receive advice that was directly tailored to my baby and situation.

I can't recommend this program highly enough! It's so wonderful to work with one person who knows so much about the various aspects of the new baby period and is much more available than the standard doctors (pediatrician, OB, etc.) and other professionals who provide support during this period."
-Nicole, Arlington, MA

Work With ME

Work With ME

"I gained confidence and peace during the most life changing time I've ever experienced. I have less anxiety and am more calm when facing an unknown moment or challenging decision with regards to the baby. Ariana is genuinely kind-hearted, loving and cares about the well-being of new moms. I've never met someone who was more willing to help and answer any question. I would absolutely recommend her to others! Even if you don't think you need help, don't want to pay for help, or it's not your first baby, YOU WILL BE GLAD you hired Ariana." 
-Lauren, Arlington, MA

"Ariana has been a tremendously helpful resource post birth and beyond. She provides clear, direct, unbiased information and is always quick to respond to what some might consider trivial questions. She's compassionate and, as a new mom herself, is easy to relate to."
-Gail, Arlington, MA

"It's a huge relief to have someone I can ask for advice without having to worry about calling a nursing line or after hours support, especially when it's something simple like "is this normal?" or if I wanted a second opinion. Ariana is so kind, professional, calming, responsive and thorough. I would definitely recommend this program. I think having support from someone who is medically qualified is incredibly valuable! It’s amazing to have someone with expertise to talk to rather than relying on Google and to feel less like I am blindly following advice."
-Alina, Somerville, MA

"It has been amazing to have a resource that I trust without having to go in to the doctor's office or wait for a call from a triage nurse. Ariana was quick to reply and, especially for a first-time mom, she was very helpful in calming fears and answering questions. I loved that it is remote and that I am able to communicate with a professional without having to go through the medical system. I would absolutely recommend this program. Every mom would benefit from having someone like Ariana in her corner."
-Alessandra, Arlington, MA

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