Hi there, Mama.

I see you with your swollen belly and stack of pregnancy and parenting books next to your bed. You’re a woman with soul, purpose and drive, and you’re ready to bring that energy into motherhood. It’s my passion and my mission to fuel you to thrive in the biggest transition and wildest ride of your life.

I’m Ariana Witkin AKA Mama MD. I’m a fourth trimester coach and motherhood mentor (think: the round-the-clock practical and emotional support of a postpartum doula, with a trained pediatrician who gets YOUR needs and your baby's.) I equip millennial women like you to make an empowered transition into motherhood by providing tailored support based on my professional expertise as a pediatrician and lived experience as a mother to a sassy babe under two. I recognize and value you as a mama AND as a woman.

The fourth trimester, the 12 weeks after a baby is born, is a time when women are superheroes. We recover physically from birth, ride the waves of raging hormones and learn every day how to keep a baby alive. This period is hard (like really, really hard) and it is NORMAL to experience problems like breastfeeding difficulties, physical pain, exhaustion and sadness. In today’s world, the postpartum care of a woman is markedly undervalued. Care is fragmented with different providers for women and babies, and many women don’t see a provider for 6 weeks after giving birth, if at all. Women are like the piñatas, and once the baby is out, we are tossed to the side.


 If you’re seeking personalized, expert support for your fourth trimester, whether you are bringing your first or fifth child into your family...

Finding the right support for your postpartum journey can make all the difference.

After having my own baby and experiencing firsthand the lack of coordinated, supportive, holistic care for women I knew this had to change.

read on lady!

you're in exactly the right place!

If you’re ready to rise powerfully and proactively into motherhood, with the guide you need to make this transition as your best, most equipped and supported self...

Rise                                           into motherhood

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3 Month 1 to 1 VIP Online Motherhood Coaching & Consulting Package

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· Pregnant women in their third trimester or newly postpartum women seeking personalized, holistic support to navigate the emotional and logistical transition into motherhood
· Women who know that the more nurtured, held and supported they are, the more supported and nourished their child and family will be

· Women wanting a trusted, non-judgemental expert to hold space for you to bloom and help you hold all the pieces together

· Help you develop a cohesive, personalized postpartum plan that supports your mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing

· Proactively streamline your support systems to help you eliminate anxiety and overwhelm, and focus on joyfully experiencing the most special time of your life
· Filter and organize the information you need to optimally care for your baby and yourself

Power Hour intensive

The Motherhood Mentorship

60-Minute Intensive

· Pregnant or postpartum women at any stage with a question or topic in a specific area
· Mamas in need of some serious wing woman support from an expert who has been there, done that, and made it to the other side
· A babyshower or baby gift for all the new Mamas in your life (because she probably has enough swaddle blankets)

Take my hand, and let’s do this!

Ready to rise powerfully into motherhood?

Sound like the guide you’ve been dreaming of? Click below to schedule a discovery call to explore how I can support you during your transition from pregnancy to the fourth trimester. *By application only*

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Don’t know what you don’t know and not sure what you need most? No problem! We will cover as much as we can during the call and you’ll leave with a plan and next steps for what’s to come. Click the link below to schedule!

· Postpartum planning
· Breastfeeding
· Sleep
· Newborn development
· Partner communication

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You’ve got questions, like a lot of ‘em, and want an actual HUMAN expert, not Siri, to turn to for the reliable, trust-worthy information you need when you’re in the thick of the first weeks and months of postpartum: How do I prepare to breastfeed? What is normal newborn development? How do I create time for myself? How am I going to feel comfortable in my body? How do I prepare for going back to work? How am I going to connect with my partner in this new stage?

You’re researching all the things -- sleep training, vaccines, co-sleeping, breastfeeding, parenting styles etc. -- and want a nonjudgmental, trustworthy and practical source of information to help you make empowered, educated decisions and filter out the noise of new parenting advice.

You’re nervous about how this transition will affect your relationship with your partner, and want to be proactive about ensuring you’re setting yourself and your family up for success.

You’ve been wildly successful-- in school, your career, your relationships, and you want to find the same success in motherhood while balancing your other priorities. 

You’re both over-the-moon excited and a bit anxious about the unknown and change that having a new baby brings.

Here’s how you know if I can help you:

You’re a high-performing woman and desire to be supported, nurtured, and held in your transition to motherhood; you know your ability to mother and parent to the best of your ability means resourcing yourself to be the most equipped and empowered version of you.

You’re a planner and want support creating a comprehensive postpartum plan to keep you organized, clear, and sane
(trust me -- this becomes your Bible postpartum!) 

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Think of me as the round-the-clock practical and emotional support of a postpartum doula with the knowledge and expertise of a pediatrician. Typically, postpartum doulas assist with light housework and newborn care. Fourth trimester coaching is about creating a holistic and comprehensive postpartum roadmap for YOU as a mother AND as a woman. Practically speaking, I am your on call lifeline, one text away for all things postpartum.

I’ve never heard of a fourth trimester coach before! How is this service different from a postpartum doula?

This sounds amazing! You're a pediatrician, right? Does that mean you'll be my baby's pediatrician?

When is the best time to hire a fourth trimester coach?

Nope! While I am a physician and board certified pediatrician, my services as a Motherhood Mentor are about equipping and empowering you for this incredible transition. Our relationship will focus on your experience as a mother and developing the tools and systems that are essential for you to THRIVE during this sacred moment.

Would you wait until the day of the big game to start practicing? Of course not! Similarly, the best time to prepare for the fourth trimester is while you are still pregnant. Typically, I start working with women in the third trimester to bridge the gap between pregnancy and postpartum. That being said, I support women at all stages of pregnancy and postpartum. If you are earlier in your pregnancy journey or home with a newborn, reach out and let’s get the conversation started!

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Do you have a postpartum plan?

Don't just plan for baby, prepare for you!

Download your FREE copy of my postpartum planning template to set your intentions and goals for a smooth transition to motherhood.

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